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March 10, 2016 4 Comments
Organic Store Monte Los Halcones

As the point of this blog is to EAT ORGANIC, a lot of people ask me where I get the ingredients to make my recipes or where I buy my food in general.

I haven’t bought anything (apart from water) in a ‘regular’ supermarket (like Mercadona, Tesco’s or Publix) in probably over a year. Thankfully an organic supermarket opened right next to our house 2 years ago. The momentum took a while to pick up, but I’m glad to say it has become quite stocked with all sorts of goodness.

Organic Store Monte Los Halcones

This is where I buy the unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, the coconut oil, the organic sauces, the coconut & almond milks, the spelt flour, the brown rice, the spelt noodles, quinoa and buckwheat, the organic chocolate, the agave syrup, the coconut sugar, the nut butters, even cat food and toothpaste. Everything you buy at your local grocery store you can pretty much buy there. Don’t forget organic dishwasher and detergent!

There are a few downsides to this store, mainly that many products go out of stock fairly often and take a bit too long to be restocked. The owners & staff are very nice, but they are not very good at directing you in what to buy or explaining why certain things are beneficial, or know how their product/produce tastes. My advice is know what you need before going to buy it! I shop there a lot so I will be reviewing a lot of their products.

Organic Store Monte Los Halcones

I love this store because it has everything! Up until now most health stores have had the same unappealing nonsense that make you wanna say – fuck this, let’s go buy a cheeseburger and die young.. But this store has so many options, you don’t feel restricted at all, even when you are an organic vegan! We usually get our fruits & vegetables delivered at home but we buy last minute things we need at this store too. You will definitely get tempted by their many sauces, juices and packaged treats!!!

Organic Store Monte Los Halcones

Note that you still have to read labels whilst shopping in organic stores, this one included. I have found quite a few uncertified products that contained very suspect ingredients and even GMOs in many health stores. Be very wary of soy products and gluten-free products. Not only is soy unhealthy for us, but most soy is genetically modified. And gluten-free packaged products usually contain partially hydrogenated oils – aka trans fats, the worse types of fats for us! Always look for the EU leaf, that at least gives you peace of mind in knowing the food is certified organic and GMO free.

Remember that animals from “organic farms” are not treated any better than conventional agriculture animals, they are not injected with hormones or antibiotics, but they are still caged up and exploited. Animal cruelty is very much alive in organic farms (to my dismay!) so if you want to go cruelty free, GO VEGAN!

You may find prices ‘outrageous’ at first, especially if you’ve been buying the cheapest things at your local grocery store.

Most things are considerably more expensive then you are used to, but you have to understand you are used to eating shit, that’s why it’s so cheap. Using high quality ingredients, for example using coconut sugar or maple syrup instead of refined white sugar in an energy bar, is considerably more expensive to make.

Same with different kinds of flours, natural preservatives, ect.. You get what you pay for. It takes a few months but you get used to these differences in prices.

Organic Store Monte Los Halcones

Some prices will surprise you though. Yes, the fancy treats are 2-5 times more expensive than you’re used to, so are the meats, fish and cheese, but you’ll find that the tomato sauce is only a few cents more, the beans, the rice, the lentils, the flour, even the fruits & vegs are decently priced. The main foods you need to nourish your body? They are affordable, and organic – it’s a no brainer.

I’ll do another post soon with my favorite products from the store.

Health is wealth. Invest in your health people!

Love, Tasha xx


You can find the organic store in the Monte Los Halcones plaza (next to Supercor & All in One Cafe), on the Ronda road. 2 mins from San Pedro!


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    Roy Firus

    May 29, 2016

    Hello again!
    ( I found another organic restaurant :” Organic with Love ( OWL ) which is in San Pedro just like Bellaria and Origen.
    The other 2 -Organic Market and Food and Rachel’s are in Marbella.)

    I know that you must be super busy being a ” mummy and wifey ” ( great term ! ) but if there is any way that you could possibly take a peak at these organic restaurants it would be a great addition to your excellent article about the organic food store Chipolina and would also be a great source of information and help to us ” Organic Tourists ! ”
    ( Maybe you could ask husband to take you out to dinner 5 times for the purely idealistic reason of you only wanting to help others ! )
    Take care and thanks again for your great site !

    • Reply

      Tasha K

      May 29, 2016

      Hi Roy!! Haha!!! 🙂 🙂 Thank you for your funny messages!!!! Reviewing organic restaurants is a great idea, i promise to do those 5 posts before you & your wife get here end of June! I know of 2 more organic restaurants opening beginning of June, so check the website soon. Ah & Bellaria is now closed! Their food wasn’t great but their sweet treats were amazing. xx

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    Roy Firus

    May 28, 2016

    Hello Tasha!
    You have a great site and thanks for all the important information!
    Like you-my wife and I only eat organic and we will be coming for a holiday at the end of June.
    ( We live in Sweden.)
    We are looking for organic restaurants in the area and found four restaurants.
    Could you please tell me if you have eaten at them and what your opinion is of them?
    They are :
    -Organic Market and Food
    Thanks-you very much!
    Take care and God Bless,
    Roy Firus

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    April 19, 2016

    Great thanks Tasha- I just moved from UK but I’m up in Sotogrande i will pop by here though soon!

    Organic is a MUST I lived here in 2006 and their was No organic food in the South of Spain things have changed thankfully.

    I love raw organic foods especially green juice here’s my website below Tasha, looks like we have a lot in common.

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