Organic FAQ : What is an organic diet?

February 23, 2016
Tasha K's All Organic Manual - What is an Organic diet?

First things first let’s establish that “an organic diet” isn’t a ‘diet’ to lose weight or anything of the sort. By ‘diet’ I mean what you eat, as a human, on a consistent basis – it’s not restrictive in any way.

Now, let’s break it down : Organic food is food that is produced without any chemicals during the entire process. From A to Z, no fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals are used during the production of organic food. When you buy organic food, you are buying food that has been grown the old fashion way. If the soil is taken care of and the water used is pure, the plants will grow beautifully and the fruits and vegetables they bear will be nutritious, juicy and very flavorful. Nothing like the commercial, mass-produced, clone foods you are used to.

So, an organic diet is simply a diet based on whole, organic foods.

It does not mean that you will only be eating raw, plant-based, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free foods. It doesn’t matter whether you are paleo, dukan, atkins or completely unrestrictive when it comes to food.

Whatever your food beliefs & needs, you can take part in an organic diet. It just means that whatever you want to eat, you buy ORGANIC. Whether you’re trying to eat better, feel better, lose weight or do good for the environment (or if you just want to be healthy without any labels!), this is the way to go.

You can eat watever you want, but you want it unprocessed, as close to how nature intended it as possible.

  • If you’re going to eat meat, you buy it organic – from a butcher who can verify it is grass-fed & hormones-free, or make sure it’s certified organic. Even better, get it straight from a farmer in your area.
  • If you’re going to eat fish, you buy it wild – from fresh fish markets or straight from fishermen. Make sure the fish are wild-caught fish, not farmed – & only from your area.
  • All vegetables and fruits should be organic, which means no pesticides have been used in growing them. They are unprocessed and fresh from the ground! You can get those at farmer’s markets or even have them delivered – there are many services available nowadays. Just make sure everything is local, only eat fruits and vegetables that are in season, and make sure the food is actually organic (don’t just buy from anybody!).
  • Grains, pasta, canned goods, packaged goods & all the other things you could want to eat also have to be organic. Look for certifications, like the EU leaf. Getting organic packaged foods means that the ingredients that were used were not exposed to pesticides at any point but also that the products contain no GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or other known harmful chemicals. They are also usually much less processed and in many cases much more ethically made.

Eating the All Organic Way is the simplest way to get healthy. Eat what you want, just eat organic. You’ll ingest less hormones, less preservatives, less additives, less pesticides, less food colorings, less heavy metals.. The list goes on! Your food will have little to no toxins clogging your gut, turning your body a smooth-running machine : You eat, you digest, you eliminate. No slow-moving decaying food left to fester for disease to grow.

What a way to put it hey?

When you eat this way, you won’t have to count calories or restrict food ever again. Your addiction to food will dissipate (because it is all those fake ingredients that make us addicts!), making you much more balanced towards food. You’ll eat and feel more full and satisfied. You won’t be hungry all the time anymore. If you’ve got extra weight it will fall off effortlessly. You’ll love food more than ever before but in a completely different way.

It’s quite an experience, I invite you to try it!

To living All Organic.

Tasha K xx

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