Tasha K's All Organic Manual - Juicing


January 10, 2016

As I will explain in detail in future posts, most of the food nowadays is fake. It’s not real food. The vegetables and fruits are covered in pesticides, the meat is full of antibiotics and hormones, stuff that’s packaged in cans, cartons and bottles is all made in a lab, filled with flavor enhancers and food colorings, and absolutely everything is filled with artificial preservatives. All the above is toxic and causes disease (like cancer) and that’s just the basics. The point here is, the food we’re eating isn’t nourishing us. 

Somewhere along the line we forgot that we, as humans, need to eat to survive. Just like a car needs gas to run, our bodies need food to run. The problem is that this fake food is not feeding us, it just tastes good. And so we stuff ourselves, most of us thinking we ARE feeding our bodies, whilst in reality, our cells starve, our bodies decay. That’s why so many of us end up hungry all the time, sick, pimpled, tired and fat of course. We are literally clueless, about how our bodies function and what’s in our food.

Thankfully there is a way to get ourselves back on track QUICKLY. By quickly I mean you’ll notice the changes in 3-5 days quickly, not a few months. That way is none other than JUICING. You may have never heard about it, you may have heard about it but rolled your eyes, you may even have frowned in disgust at a photo of someone drinking a green juice on facebook (‘ew, that is just gross. I bet it smells like grass’). Yep that used to be me. But those green juices actually taste great, and they are the fast track to your health.

Juicing is exceptional for your health because it takes the vitamin & mineral-rich goodness of the fruits & veggies and discards the rest. Although fruits & vegetables are always good to consume, when they are whole we have to eat them, chew them and digest them before getting the nutrients. And if your digestive system is overloaded with junk, you may not be able to absorb much of the nutrients at all! In liquid form however, we absorb the nutrients instantly. Up to 95% of them! Within minutes it’s in our blood stream, working its magic. You give your digestive system a break whilst feeding your cells the crème de la crème (the best!). Fresh, organic juices are to human adults what breastmilk is to human babies. You can quote me on that.

Get on amazon and order yourself a juicer. It will be the best investment of your life. Your eyes will be brighter, your mind clearer, your energy will noticeably increase, your mood will lift, you will slim down, and overall feel so much better and happier. I can guarantee this! It happens to everyone, no exceptions.

Anybody can juice, and everybody should. Once you’ve had your morning juice, you can go on about your day, knowing that no matter what happens next (ie. no matter what you eat next), you’ve at least fed your cells the BEST nutrition they could ask for and in turn, your body will operate with an efficiency you’ve probably never experienced before. All our bodies want to do is work for us people, we just need to give them the fuel they need!

If you need a simpler visual – What happens when you put regular gas in a diesel car?

Green Cheers to that my friends! 😉

Tasha K xx

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