Juice Recipe #1 – The everyday juice!

January 30, 2016
Tasha K's All Organic Manual.

A lot of people ask me what I juice so here it is! This is, give or take, what goes into my every day juice. It makes 2 big glasses, so half the portion if you’re solo.

This is a true green juice, packed with amazing goodness. Apples are the only fruit, they serve as a base. You can substitute some of the things in here, but we’ve found this combination tastes really good! Always try to put a lemon in there as it helps the taste a lot, especially if you’re starting out with juicing.

We usually add a superfood powder at the end too, usually spirulina, wheatgrass, moringa or a superfood blend. I recommend only using one powder at a time (per juice!) as otherwise it gets thick, very green and it’s pretty hard to drink!!!!!!

If you make this, make sure you comment below & tell me if you like it! Remember to always buy your fruits & vegetables ORGANIC so you’re not feeding yourself shots of pesticides! 



yields 2 large glasses



1/2 a LARGE CUCUMBER (or a full small one) 



4 inch piece of GINGER ROOT 



I was originally going to post why each thing is good for you but it got redundant. The truth is that all these fruits & vegs above are packed full with vitamins and minerals and they all do the same thing :

  • They all help regulate alkaline levels in your body (good because soo much of the food we eat is acidic)
  • They are all full of anti-inflammatory properties (good because all disease starts out as inflammation)
  • They are all cancer fighting
  • They all help digestion
  • They are all excellent skin food
  • They are all low cal and aid with weight loss
  • They are all high in water content and help flush out toxins
  • They are all good for the eyes
  • They are all good for hair and nails
  • They all help your body detox
  • They are all immune boosting (so you won’t get sick when other people do!)
  • They all feed your body on a cellular level.

Can you think of  better reasons not to juice these things?! This is literally all you have to do to regain your health. Do it now. *clinks glass*


Tasha xx

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