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January 15, 2016
Health Essentials - Superfood Powders

Are you addicted to coffee? Maybe even.. cocaine? Do you need the adrenalin boost to start your day? Life is busy & there’s not enough hours in the day, I get it, I’ve been there.. You need something, anything, to get you through all that needs to  be done. What if I told you there’s an all organic, healthy way to get your daily “pick me up”??

I’m talking about superfood powders.

They are the power-packed crack you have been looking for. Superfoods with sky high levels of nutritional goodness grow all around the world, and now thanks to new ways of harvesting & freeze drying, we can reap the benefits of these otherwise unattainable plants. As I mentioned in the first part of the Juicing post, we absorb liquids better than chunks of food and that goes for capsules too; It is always better to consume supplements in liquid form rather than pills/caps/tablets. Putting a tablespoon of a superfood powder in a glass of water or in a fresh fruit or veggie juice is a perfect way to start your day.

You can get superfood powders individually or as blends. For example ‘Moringa Leaf’ is a superfood from Africa that is not only incredibly good for you, it is delicious when added to green juices. It adds a potent ZINGGG! (It’s like someone injects you with a dose of life!) Or, some brands offer blends of lots of different superfoods aimed at a specific purpose, like ‘Energy Boost’ would contain the best powders to help you boost your energy.

I am totally obsessed with both types of powders, they are pure magic and I am on a mission to try them all!

Here are a few you should look into :

  • Moringa – High in potassium, zinc & iron.
  • Baobab – Really high in vitamin C & iron.
  • Acai – High in vitamins B, C, E, calcium & iron.
  • Camu Camu – Really high source of vitamin C.
  • Goji – Super high in phytonutrients & in a variety of vitamins.

All the above are PACKED with a variety of vitamins, phytonutrients, amino acids, antioxidants & fatty acids. They will supercharge your health, your skin and wellbeing.

Don’t go buying any powder you see though. As usual what’s important is getting high quality products; if you want the stuff that’s going to make a difference, you have to get the original, unadulterated version! No amateurs. Read the labels and make sure the powder :


  • is 100% organic.
  • is pure, freeze dried and raw.
  • is non-GMO.
  • contains no added sugar.
  • contains no preservatives or additives.
  • contains no fillers, binders or bulking agents.
  • contains no artificial colourings or sweeteners.
  • is ethically grown & sustainably harvested

And also :

  • Check where the powder is made. It should preferably be made in Europe or, wherever that particular food/plant is grown. For example Baobab is from Africa, so it should really come from there.
  • Avoid anything that is made in China. (I avoid anything made in Asia as a whole.)


If you’re in Europe, make sure everything you buy (food wise) has the EU organic farming leaf on it – more on that coming soon.


I am currently using Moringa, and i LOVE IT!

Green Origins MoringaMoringa powder

To feeling ALIVE!

Tasha K xx


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