GOOD NEWS! : Kioskos in Spain stock Organic Ice Pops!

December 18, 2016 0 Comments 2 Photos
helado ecologico organic ice cream san pedro

So yesterday was the most beautiful day in Spain (even though it is mid December!) so we decided not to waste the morning indoors and went out to the paseo (boardwalk by the beach!).


the San Pedro paseo December 2016

To my delight (I literally shrieked with excitement!!!!) I noticed a kiosko had a big sign promoting HELADOS ECOLOGICOS!! That’s organic ice cream guys!!!! Certified by the EU leaf no less!!! Strawberry and citrus flavors! And only 2 euros!!!


helado ecologico marbella

organic ice pops sold in kioskos!


This is so so so exciting!!!! This means the demand in organic products is finally showing, and they are supplying!!! Now when you go to the beach all afternoon in the summertime and your kids ask for ice cream, there will be something healthy to get them!!!!!

This was a real problem for me last summer as I knew my toddler would want a cold snack at some point, especially if her teeth were acting out. You can’t exactly carry an organic ice pop around in 40’c heat, so we’d either have to go home or cringe and let her suck on a shit-filled Calippo. Eurgh. But those times are over!!!!

Rejoice Marbellians! Hopefully this momentum keeps going and we end up with lots of organic options for our kids, no matter where we go!


I will try these next time we go and post the ingredient list ! 🙂 x

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