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Although it came out in 2014, this may be the most important documentary to watch in the year 2016. I recommend everybody watch it.

If you’re like me, then you know our planet is in trouble – pollution is increasing, oceans are being contaminated, ice caps are melting, biodiversity is being lost, rainforests are being destroyed, species are going extinct – ie. you know what’s going on but you have no idea what’s REALLY going on. Or why. That was me a few months ago. I knew there were problems but I had no idea what the root causes were.

As with disease and medication that only solves the symptoms, not the root cause of the problem, we are being lied to thinking that our planet’s biggest problems are one thing when in fact they are another. Even if you fully eco-fy your home (make it 100% eco friendly to save energy), your don’t take baths anymore (to save water), you recycle (to save waste), you don’t print on paper (to save trees), you cycle instead of drive everywhere (to prevent pollution + save energy) – you are not helping at all. Even if we all did this, we would hardly help at all. You know what WOULD help?


Turns out, animal agriculture is the one biggest factor contributing to our planet being destroyed. All you have to do is look at the stats below :


Who knew?!?!?! See the full infographic here + the facts here.

Here we are, stressing about the amount of pollution cars emit, when all our transportation combined only adds up to 13% of the total CO2 emissions?! Compare this to animal agriculture (the mass production of animals specifically for meat) at 51%. Are you freaking kidding me????

The stat that bothers me most is the amount of water a cow requires. When considering this, we have to look at how much water is used to grow the food for the cow AND how much water the cow itself drinks per day, until the day she is slaughtered.

It adds up to an insane amount! Let’s put it like this : For you to indulge in ONE hamburger, it takes the same amount of water as if you left your shower on non-stop for 2 months. ONE BURGER! In a world where 1 in 6 people go thirsty daily, we allow animals raised for meat to consume this much of our clean, fresh water???? Although you are made to believe so, meat ISN’T a requirement for a healthy diet (it actually causes cancer when it makes up more than 20% of your diet, but I digress.) Water though? Water is a necessity! & can you imagine how much water you could save if you went vegan?

Cowspiracy Water Fact

go vegan

You know what else? 70 billion animals are killed each year for our meat ‘wants’. 70 billion. That’s 6 million every hour. Living, breathing creatures, that are bred in horrific conditions, given growth hormones so they can grow double their size in half the time & antibiotics so they don’t get sick from living in such unsanitary conditions. Cows are fed GMO corn instead of their natural grass diet and most of these animals never get to see the light of day. Babies are taken away from their mothers shortly after they are born, even though these animals understand and feel similarly to us, especially the connection they have with their young. Thinking about it breaks my heart everytime. Their entire lives are suffering from start to finish and this is happening on our watch.

It’s hard not to be judgemental towards people who know this information and don’t change their behaviour in the slightest. The right thing to do is too obvious. & One person can make a huge difference here. Every person counts.

We all have our epiphany triggers. For me this documentary was poignant because it made me realise the importance of our choices everytime we spend money. Everytime we spend money we are supporting something. We need to think about this more often. We can’t say we are against something and then go and support it with our money, giving it power and growth. We can’t say we are animal lovers when we let these massacres go on. We can’t say we are environmentalists when we could save the planet (relatively fast!) just by not eating meat, yet we can’t seem to control our impulse to eat it.

I’ve only touched on a few subjects from this amazing documentary, so if you want to know more about all of this, please watch Cowspiracy – and don’t forget to share it if you love it! Spread the awareness! I’m here if you want to discuss it in the comments too!

Support the cause & download Cowspiracy on the official site for 4.95$ :

Or you can find it & watch it for free on youtube (this video may not be up by the time you read this, so just search it, but watch out for all the fake videos!) :

I hope you find this documentary as inspiring as I did. I will do many posts in the future about how my vegan experience is going. To me not eating meat, fish, eggs or dairy products is a little price to pay to help the world my daughter will grow up in. Let mushrooms be your meat, I SWEAR you will not know the difference! Check out our food pics for vegan inspiration on my instagram : @tashakofficial – let me know if you’d be interested in me posting some of these recipes!

See you on the other side!!!!!

Tasha K xx

cowspiracy stats

cowspiracy stats

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