Daily Ritual : ACV + Lemon

February 21, 2016
Daily Rituals. ACV + Lemon juice

A lot of people ask me about my daily habits, so here is something I do every day that I have no doubt contributes to my high immune system & overall good health (& slim figure!).

Every morning within 30 mins of getting up, my hubby & I share a large glass of water with lemon juice – squeezed from 1 whole lemon – and 1-2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar (unpasteurized.)

Depending on your lifestyle, you could handle this differently – If you’re in a rush, take a shot of ACV by itself (followed by a few chugs of water), if you’re at a desk most the day, make a big jug of the mixture and sip it throughout the day, or, if you have chilled mornings and you like something warm to drink, put the lemon & ACV in warm water & drink it as tea. You can even add some pieces of ginger in there if you’re feeling under the weather.

ACV + lemon morning ritual

The most important thing here is to drink the apple cider vinegar & lemon water mixture FIRST THING in the morning. You can have water before it, but no other drink or food. Not even juice! What this will do is fire up your digestive system, like giving it a cold morning shower to kick it into gear! It will stimulate your entire digestive system and help you pass yesterday’s waste. The vitamin C in the lemon will also give you a welcome energy boost

Doing this is like giving your body a mini detox every single morning. Do it and you’ll notice you catch colds less frequently, you’re less hungry, you use the bathroom more regularly and you have more energy. Especially if you’ve eaten terrible food the night before or you’ve binged (aka stuffed your face), help your body push the junk out by drinking this in the morning!

ACV + Lemon juice for health

We also drink this apple cider vinegar + lemon mix anytime either of us has an upset stomach, feels nauseous or needs to get things moving! Add chunks of fresh ginger root for added benefits.

REMEMBER : ALWAYS buy unpasteurized apple cider vinegar! Pasteurised is not the same, you will not get the same health benefits (post about that soon!).

To being clean inside & out,

Tasha x

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