Are you always hungry? This is why.

March 23, 2016
Always Hungry? This is Why.

Are you always hungry? Even after you’ve just eaten a full meal? A whole pizza? A 6 (or 12?) pack of Krispy Kremes all to yourself?

This is what’s happening : You may think you are stuffing yourself, but you are actually starving yourself. You read that correctly!

You see, even though you are eating a lot of food, you are eating ‘fake’ / bad food, that your body isn’t recognising. So, your cells starve. They need nutrition that you are not giving them, so they trigger your hunger for you to feed them. If you keep eating bad food, your body will keep crying out for nourishment by making you hungry, and the cycle goes on – you eat more and more food because you are hungry and can’t understand why you are always hungry!

The irony is that we don’t ever ask ourselves why this could be or ever connect the dots, even though it’s right in front of our face.

Now you understand why it’s so easy to become fat and sick, quickly. Fat because you keep over-eating and sick because your cells are not only starving but they also have to fight against this toxic food you are putting in your body. Have you ever tried physically fighting something when you haven’t eaten? When you’re tired, overworked, hungry and weak? Well, when your cells give up or can’t keep up, that’s when you get sick.

The secret to replenishing your cells?

Eat whole foods, like fruits, vegetables, beans, quinoa, rice, potatoes, nuts, seeds… (make sure they are ORGANIC, so no pesticides have been used while they were grown).

Don’t understand what I mean by “whole foods”? Let’s go back to the Krispy Kreme -what do you think is in it?

It’s not born a Krispy Kreme, like say, a walnut. A walnut you grab, you crack, you eat. If it’s organic, it’s unprocessed and has had no contact with any chemicals. A Krispy Kreme donut on the other hand, has over 50 ingredients. 50! The worse part is that most of these “ingredients” are artificial chemicals made in a lab, whilst the other ingredients, like ‘enriched bleached wheat flour’ for example, are so highly processed (the flour is literally bleached!!!!), they are completely devoid of any nutrients.

Basically a whole food is itself the sole ingredient. Nothing more and nothing less. Your body recognises the whole foods and has no problem breaking them down and absorbing the nutrients for use in the body. Not so much with junk food or processed foods, which our bodies cannot break down – so even though they are called ‘foods’, they do not accomplish their main purpose, which is to feed your cells so your body can function.

That’s why you’re always hungry. Because you are actually hungry, for REAL FOOD!

Are you starting to understand the HUGE, huge problem with the food you’re eating??? Is it any wonder you are tired, irritated, sad, foggy, moody, erratic, forgetful, stressed, overwhelmed and perhaps a little crazy? Who wouldn’t be, you’re running on fumes! Do yourself a favor and go make yourself a big fat green juice.

Your cells will thank you.

With Love!

Tasha K xx

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