3 ways to lose weight FAST without dieting.

January 21, 2016
Tasha K's All Organic Manual

Diets don’t work. Yes, you know, you’ve heard it before. But when you actually have some weight to lose, you panic and don’t know what else to do but diet. You start counting calories, restricting food intake, working out more, you cut out ‘fat’ and  ‘carbs’, and become totally obsessed with food. And guilt, of course. Does this sound familiar?

If you’re ready to break the cycle, here are 3 ways to lose weight in a natural, healthy way. All the ways are non-extreme, although some may seem that way at first. In none of the ‘diets’ below will you have to restrict food intake; there are rules, but you never have to count calories or watch what you eat. You’re free to go on about your day without worrying about food.

So here are 3 ways to lose weight FAST, the organic natural way :



Do a 3, 5 or 7 day juice fast and I guarantee you will shed a full size! A juice fast means you only drink juices, you don’t eat any food at all. Yes, it requires mental preparation and will power, and yes, you don’t eat, BUT, you can have as many juices as you want!!! I guarantee you won’t need that many at all, juices keep you surprisingly full AND satisfied!

Juices have to be made at home, from organic veggies & fruits. You can’t buy anything in a package or bottle! Juicing, especially for such short amounts of time, is really safe, and really good for you. It gives your digestive system a break (from breaking down all that food!) and super charges your cells with all the plant nutrients. As your body heals and nourishes itself, it is more capable of moving out the unwanted toxins & waste, including the excess weight. For more info on juicing see my series here.

This is the before & after the first time I did a 5 day juice fast, isn’t my waist incredible?!

Juice fast before and after

Before and after a 5 day juice fast. Notice my waist!


#2 – GO VEGAN.

It’s no wonder Beyonce went vegan to lose the last few pounds from her pregnancy with Ivy Blue – & then flaunted her super slender sexy curves all over her videos (#bodygoals!). I’m not entirely sure if it’s just the meat that we’re not supposed to eat in such high quantities (we’re not by the way. if meat is over 20% of your diet, it turns on the cancer switch), or if it’s the hormones they inject the animals with, or if it’s the stuff they disinfect the meat with before they package it. Maybe it’s just the fact that the animals are fed synthetic GMO corn instead of grass, and then we eat the malnourished animals. Either way, our bodies can’t digest meat well, it sits there and rots in our gut. So when you cut out meat and dairy from your diet, my god, will you see a difference. If you need to lose weight fast, (and feel 100% more alive!) in a safe & healthy way, go vegan for 30 days – or forever! You won’t just lose weight, your body shape will change. It’s mind blowing.

This is the before and after of me going vegan for 2 weeks. (& 8 months after baby!) :

VEGAN before and after

Before and after going vegan for 2 weeks. This is 8 months after having my baby girl 🙂 The stomach fat is totally gone! Trimmer & leaner.

Notice how the stomach fat is totally gone? My waistline looks trimmer, everything is more toned. & check out the cellulite on the legs!!! It’s sooo much better. I will do a post with more pictures after 30 days. PS : I didn’t work out at all in between those 2 photos, that’s all nutrition.



The reason I got my body back a month after birth is no doubt due to this. As humans we’ve evolved with periods of famine and then feast. Back when we were cave men, food was scarce in the winter so we ate little. When warmer weather came back around, we feasted! Nowadays we just eat, it’s always feast time, and our bodies never get a break. If you fast for at least 14 hours each day, you’ll find that weight just drops off. Your body will get used to this arrangement quickly and love to have that much digestion-free time to focus on other things, like healing! Your body will also have the time to release fatty acids that only get released hours after you’ve eaten (& depending how sugary the food you eat is) – most of us with our current diet never get our fatty acids released, which is why it stocks up as stored fat – more info on that coming soon.

Note that the Feast & Famine way will only work if you are eating an organic diet, but if you are, then all you have to do is schedule your life a little differently and then you’re free to eat whatever you want. Note that this is very different from “starving yourself “- your body enjoys and quite frankly needs the time-off digesting food to help you stay in optimal shape. The famine & feast way is safe and healthy if you use common sense. Check out my current routine (coming soon) to find out exactly how me & my hubby do it & then adapt it to your lifestyle/schedule.

So now you know. You can lose weight with a system in place that doesn’t require you to restrict food, because let’s face it, that just leads to obsession and binge-eating.

If you embark on a weight loss journey, feel free to email me & let us know how it goes here in the comments!

To being the best version of you,

Tasha xx

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    January 21, 2016

    Love all your blogs – I think exactly the same as you. X

    • Reply

      Tasha K

      January 30, 2016

      <3 :D I'm glad im not alone!!!!

  2. Reply

    Kristy kerrigan

    January 21, 2016

    Tasha you look amazing, I’m trying to loose 20lbs and just have more energy and feel better as a whole, thanks for posting this. I’m def gonna try the 7 day juicing to kick start weight lose, do u have and juice recipes u wanna share, and how many times a day should I have a juice? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Reply

      Tasha K

      January 30, 2016

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you Kristy!! Just did a post with what I juice on a day to day basis! You can’t go wrong though, just stick anything you have in a juicer! I recommend always using apples as base, always use a lemon, and try to stick to veggies. Try to buy organic as much as possible. If you’re juice fasting, drink a juice anytime you feel hungry! It won’t be as much as you think, I only had 3-4 a day although it’s recommended you have 5 to even 8 a day! Good luck!!!!!! You will love the results! xxx

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