Who are these people?!

Thoughts / Feb 12, 2016 /
Tasha K's All Organic Manual

Every now & then I think about this. When I watch slaughter scenes in documentaries that are so gruesome they’re barely watchable. When I watch men gunning down elephants in Africa for no good reason and without an ounce of hesitation. When I watch men allowing thousands of fish, dolphins, sharks and other sea animals suffocate […]


HealthJuicing / Jan 10, 2016 /
Tasha K's All Organic Manual - Juicing

As I will explain in detail in future posts, most of the food nowadays is fake. It’s not real food. The vegetables and fruits are covered in pesticides, the meat is full of antibiotics and hormones, stuff that’s packaged in cans, cartons and bottles is all made in a lab, filled with flavor enhancers and food […]